1 June 2019
02:30 PM

To know your eligibiliy and receive our honors ( gold medal and certificate ) .. List of registered students being honored for securing A+/A1 twelfth standard... Find your name here

About NARTHAK 2K19

Narthak 2k19 - A Grand cultural event associated with World Dance Day organized by – White ADS Events Palakkad is seeking your assistance and support to conduct this grand event in a successful manner where thousands get opportunity to show case their skills.

Dance and Musical Event


Rishi S. Kumar is a Malayalam indian actor and dancer who is known for his role as Vishnu (Mudiyan) in the popular sitcom Uppum Mulakum


Al Sabith is a child actor and TV host associated with the Malayalam film and television industry. He is best known for playing child character Keshu in the Flowers sitcom Uppum Mulakum.

Comedy Programe (Kalabavan Mani Dupe Gireesh & Mithun)

Ahalia Guruvandanam 2019 Awards

Higher Secondary School Teachers Honored by Ahalia

Ahalia Team

Honoring full A+ plus two students

Thank you very much for registering for our program. The students who haven't yet registered may contact us at 9496000133